GNC Group Asia Launch


Melbourne-based consulting firm GNC Group will this month launch a new office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Former Courts Malaysia CEO, Allard Sjollema, has joined GNC Group as Managing Partner of GNC Group Asia.


Speaking from the firm’s new office in Kuala Lumpur, Allard said:

I’m excited to be joining GNC Group to lead the expansion of the firm in south-east Asia. We aim to grow our presence here in Asia, and we are convinced that there is a high demand for our results-oriented consulting services across the region.

GNC Group partner Luke Ritchie said:

We are very enthusiastic about our expansion into Asia, and are delighted to have secured the services of such an experienced and respected retail leader as Allard Sjollema. We have worked with Asian clients before, but always serviced them from Australia. Through the establishment of a regional consulting office in Kuala Lumpur, we can better meet our clients’ needs with local talent, supplemented by Australian resources.

Allard joins GNC Group having already spent four years based in Kuala Lumpur, first as CEO and Managing Director, then as CEO of New Markets for Courts Malaysia. Allard had previously held Commercial Director roles with Tesco in China, and with Metro Group in France, Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. During his time as CEO of Courts Malaysia, Allard engaged GNC Group to lead an efficiency drive through the business, and worked directly with the GNC Group team for 18 months.

I always thought GNC Group had a great proposition, but believed it could be even stronger if they could provide local resources in the Asian region. After being approached by the GNC Group partners as someone who understands the specific challenges of retail ‘from the inside’, I was very happy to jump to the other side of the fence and take on the challenge of building a new Asia-based consulting team based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We already have a team of four on the ground, and are looking to build it further.

GNC Group has its origins in retail, with all partners having spent 20+ years in senior roles across the retail and commercial landscape. The firm’s engagements cover all areas of the value chain, with a particular focus on integrated project planning and delivery. GNC Group employs more than 50 consultants with clients across Australia and Asia.


Unlike traditional advisory consulting groups, which provide advice and then leave, GNC Group services extend to the development and execution of strategic initiatives. Current GNC Group clients include Coles, Target, Myer, Fonterra, Petbarn, Ingham, Country Road Group, Toyota, The Reject Shop, Uniting Church of Australia, Alinta Energy, Godfreys, Tasman Meats and CoINVEST.


In closing, Luke said:

We are excited about the next period of growth for our business, with a renewed sense of where we are heading. Expansion by geography is a key element of our growth plan, and we are very confident that Allard can help us grow our client base in Asia. We are also eager to access Asia’s vast talent pool. GNC Group Asia has already begun hiring, and we will continue to look for talented and passionate consultants to join us.